Henna & Laminate Brows

Start every day with perfect brows. Without any of the pesky effort.

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Henna brows at Ageless Medical Spa
A natural, long-lasting alternative to ordinary tints.

Henna Brows

– Natural Eyebrow Tinting with longer lasting effects

– Gentle and Innovative Formula

– Stays on the hair up to 5 weeks

– No Ammonia, Lead or Peroxide

– Vegan and Cruelty free

Take your brows to the next level with Henna; it’s customizable and lasts longer than brow tinting. Our variety of colors offer maximum flexibility with shades specially formulated for blondes, brunettes and redheads!

Full, Feather and just the right amount of Boldness…

Laminated Brows

Brow Lamination allows you to make the perfect stay put brows. It is essentially just a brow hair texturizing treatment. The process in which a brow specialist softens the hair follicle using a special solution and then reshapes or sets the brow, into a more refined  smoother shape. Lamination not only makes your eyebrows appear fuller but makes them way more manageable, eliminating your need for brow makeup!

Henna brows at Ageless Medical Spa
Ageless Medical Spa

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