Geneo Facial

Cutting Edge Technology

A Breakthrough Treatment

For Every Age, Skin Type, and Season

Sensitive Skin

Geneo is a refreshing, non-invasive treatment that requires no suction or pulling of the skin. Making it a gentle treatment option for every skin type.

Mature Skin

Geneo’s technology and application process is gentle on aging skin and helps improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines and diminish signs of aging.


With a variety of treatments formulated with targeted ingredients, Geneo can help treat acne-prone skin, dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentation and more.

Oily Skin

With anti-bacterial ingredients to remove impurities, fight acne, and minimize oil production, Geneo is a great solution for those with an oily skin type.

Dry Skin

The Geneo treatment enhances moisture retention and strengthens the skin barrier assisting in the overall rehydration of dry skin types.

Combination Skin

Select from a variety of six Geneo customization options with ingredients designed to treat combination and balanced skin types.

Different Treatment Customizations

Balance Treatment

Best for oily, acne prone skin, Geneo Balance uses anti-bacterial ingredients to remove impurities, fight acne and minimize oil production.

  • Removes Dirt And Impurities
  • Treats Acne
  • Minimizes Oil Production

Detox Treatment

Best for irritated skin and skin regularly exposed to environmental factors, Geneo Detox treats and protects the skin to shield from environmental factors, irritants and allergens.

  • Fights Environmental Factors
  • Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Boosts Cellular Renewal

Glam Treatment

Best for preventing and reducing early signs of aging, Geneo Glam boosts and enhances the skin barrier to prevent loss of collagen and moisture, revealing a more supple texture.

  • Enhances Collagen Regeneration
  • Improves Elasticity
  • Increases Moisture

Hydrate Treatment

Best for dry, dull skin, Geneo Hydrate enhances moisture retention and strengthens the skin barrier.

  • Improves Skin’s Moisture Retention
  • Enhances Hydration And Firmness
  • Strenghtens Skin Barrier

Illuminate Treatment

Best for pigmented skin, Geneo Illuminate unifies skin tone, improves pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin for a smoother complexion.

  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation
  • Rejuvinates The Skin
  • Unifies Skin Tone

Revive Treatment

Best for mature skin, Geneo Revive reduces fine lines, improves texture, and smooths overall skin appearance.

  • Improves Elasticity And Firmness
  • Evens Skin Tone And Reduces Sun Damage
  • Reduces And Smooths Fine Lines And Wrinkles
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