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Why is Immune Health Important?

The immune system is a multifaceted, complex system that protects us from both internal and external harmful substances. The immune system differentiates pathogens and foreign substances from our own cells and serves to destroy or inactivate these foreign substances. Maintaining a healthy immune system is not just a matter of taking vitamins or supplements. Given the vast importance of a healthy immune system, a heathy diet along with rest, stress management, exercise and nutritional support are essential to keep our immune system operating at its best.

Failure to follow these guidelines for a healthy immune system can lead to a situation where the immune system is less than adequate. Poor sleep habits, stress and lack of exercise can lead to an impaired immune system. A nutritionally poor diet is a major factor in diminished immune response, and is why we look to nutritional supplements to help restore a nutritionally impaired immune system. Zinc is a critical component in proper immune function. Studies have demonstrated that taking Zinc Lozenges when coming down with a cold can shorten the duration of the cold and, in some cases, actually prevent a cold from occurring.

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